Immerse Yourself in Katy Perry and Witness The Tour From The Inside

By Tony Sokol

She’s so hypnotizing. Could she be the devil? Could she be an angel? Katy Perry has been both. Glowing in her Illuminati confessions, she started as a Christian singer named Kate Hudson and wound up being accused of conducting a satanic Illuminati ritual during her 2014 Grammy performance of “Dark Horse.” Pulling in more members to the Kult of Katy Perry and its mastermind Chairman Meow. Katy Perry fans, KatyCats are legion, and can’t get enough. They can now get an immersive Katy Perry ‘Witness’ experience.

Perry just released her newest album, Witness, and will be embarking on “WITNESS: The Tour.” The tour starts on Thursday, September 21st. KatyCats can get front row access to through Comcast. Their Xfinity brand created an “immersive new destination for all things Katy Perry.”


KatyCats and soon to be Katykittens can get up-close-and-personal with the Perry on X1 On Demand. They will have access to never-before-seen behind the scenes footage and in-depth interviews about Witness, exclusively available for Xfinity subscribers.

KatyCats can also catch up with backup dancers from some of Katy’s most memorable performances, including “Left Shark” and “Backpack Kid.” Haven’t gotten enough of Katy Perry? The digital hub also hosts an extensive catalogue of her chart-topping hits, along with episodes of “The Making Of” for a view behind the scenes of music videos like “California Girls” and “Firework.”

This is the go-to destination for KatyCats who want to get to know the star like never before.

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