Fifi Rong’s New Single Will Have You Asking If She Could Be ‘The One’; Artist Starts Pledge Music Site for Awake EP

By Tony Sokol

If might seem a bit ironic that Fifi Rong’s upcoming EP will be called Awake. Her ethereal voice is consistently described as hypnotic. The ambient musical landscapes she creates in songs like “Forbidden Desire” tease subliminal seduction. It might not be too far a stretch of the imagination to call the multi-instrumentalist an instrumental mentalist. Rong’s voice on her new single “The One” flows directly into the mind. The simple bassline and dub reggae vibe in the backing moves straight to the body. Rong is at the center of almost every frame in the music video, and by the end of the song, you just might find yourself asking if she could be the one.

The One” is the last part of a trilogy of singles Rong started  with “Future Never Comes” and “The Same Road.” The track was mixed by Isabel Gracefield, who’s worked with Sam Smith, The XX, Benjamin Clementine and Emeli Sande. The London-based singer, songwriter and producer streams her music independently. Rong has many followers wondering if she could be the one and the singer is reaching out to her fans to “Get actively involved in the making of my new EP.”

“Hello everyone,” Rong wrote to the official Pledge Music site. “I’m so happy to be sharing with you the new exciting journey I’m embarking upon! I am in the process of creating my new EP Awake, which is my most ambitious and most passionate project yet, and I will reveal all the surprises in due course!”


The artist said the EP is still at an early stage. She also says it will be one of her most personal artisitic statements. Already the sing “The One” moved from the textured soundscapes of her catalog to the earlier organic influences on her music. The artist continues evolve.  “Awake is like a naked winter tree with seeds planted way back by the ‘creator,’ and the buds are dying to grow fast and blossom. Like the changing of seasons, the cycle of creativity is just as unstoppable, and at its best, naturally ecstatic!”

fifi rong

Rong already spearheaded five previous successful music campaigns. “I have such a great feeling for our big No. 6 campaign leading up to the festive seasons this Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year (The Spring festival),” she writes. “6 means good luck in Chinese culture, and I wish to bring you the best of luck and lots of love for the Year 2018 through this campaign, and colour your souls with my renewed passion and creativity through the process of making Awake.


“Words can’t describe how much I appreciate your loyalty, faith and continuous support that resulted in the successful conclusions of my previous campaigns, so I want to take this opportunity to reciprocate the love and get you involved in this process with the intention of serving you in some way, and to add value to your lives,” she told the fans.


“So guys, doesn’t matter if you have always been there or if this is the first time you’ve come across this page, get on board and get to know me! Let’s spend the end of 2017 celebrating our festivals, our lives, and our togetherness!”

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