Cibo Matto’s Yuka C. Honda Melds Movement with Music in Upcoming Limbs

By Tony Sokol Whether you’re clapping, stomping, picking or strumming, Yuka C. Honda’s upcoming Limbs is the a place where heads, hands and feet all meet. The former taller half of Cibo Matto seamlessly sound, rhythm, and movement in her new work, which premieres at National Sawdust on 80 North 6th Street, Brooklyn, New York … Continue reading Cibo Matto’s Yuka C. Honda Melds Movement with Music in Upcoming Limbs


Magick Lab Academy to Host Gnostic Expert and Conjurer Ana Divina on May 10 on SOC Radio

By Tony Sokol

18011172_583319981863075_2747374948326943927_nSOCRadio series Magick Lab Academy will host conjurer Ana Divina this Wednesday, May 10 at 10 p.m. EST/ 7 p.m. PST.  Magick Lab is hosted by celebrity psychic Marie Bargas and writer Tony Sokol.

Ana Divina, who goes by the alias Mamá Divina, is a practicing root worker, conjurer, quantum energy healer, reader and ascension guide who helps people manifest their intentions. Unfazed by the “realm of Darkness,” she rides “one of its dragons. The Cleveland-based spiritual counselor uses tools like Oracle Cards, crystals and her own innate gifts. She is a kundalini and practical reiki master who can be reached at The Energy Exchange at 216-359-7096.

Divina will discuss Gnosticism and how its traditions and rituals can be used for light, or refracted into darker colors.

Magick Lab explores and explains paranormal practices the easy way: straight talk without the gobbledygook of religion or faith. The…

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Yes and ELO Bring Classical Rock to the Hall of Fame

By Tony Sokol Progressive rock band Yes and the Electric Light Orchestra, the group that had the audacity to think strings meant they picked up where the Beatles left off, were inducted by a jukebox jury of their peers. Their peers? The musicians in Yes alone are peerless. Bassist Chris Squire, who formed the band … Continue reading Yes and ELO Bring Classical Rock to the Hall of Fame

Cult Filmmaker Zeena Schreck Drops Teaser Clip From Upcoming Film Restoration Project

By Tony Sokol Berlin-based American underground filmmaker Zeena Schreck is beginning work on the restoration of her 1992 film Germania: The Theory of Ruins. To commemorate May Day, Zeena released an excerpt from the original movie. The scene was filmed 25 years ago during the crossover from Walpurgisnacht to May Day, the feast day of Saint … Continue reading Cult Filmmaker Zeena Schreck Drops Teaser Clip From Upcoming Film Restoration Project

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Cultures Pearl Jam

By Tony Sokol Pearl Jam was cultured in the Seattle band Temple of the Dog, which also bred Soundgarden. Bassist Jeff Ament held down the bottom, while guitarists Stone Gossard and Mike McCready weaved loud melodies through their fingers. The lead singer was San Diego transplant Eddie Veddar who paired  lyrics to a mother-son opera … Continue reading Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Cultures Pearl Jam

Bloodrunners Review: Ice T Goes from Cop Killa to Cop Sucka In Gangster Vampire Movie

Entertainment 2morrow

bloodrunners1By Tony Sokol

Bloodrunners isn’t a great movie, but it is a fun movie. Now, before you couple that with the star rating at the bottom, remember: most gangster movies didn’t get five stars. There are some Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney, Edward G. Robinson movies that got awful reviews. And don’t get critics started on George Raft. That doesn’t stop gangster fans from watching gangster movies. The Bowery Boys and East Side Kids movies were B-pictures at best. I have every single one, though I especially love the original Dead End cast. I can say with utter assurance that Ice-T feels the same. Not only that, but I’d wager real money he’s also in love with horror movies, another genre that rarely gets reviewers’ respect.

The picture opens with a drum-cymbal ride. What movie opens with a drum solo? Movies about Prohibition. The Cotton Club did the whole Dutch Shultz…

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Orange is the New Red: Only a Loser Starts a War During Retrograde – From the Coptic Apocalypse of Daniel

Entertainment 2morrow

By Marie Bargas and Tony Sokol


CNN reported that the U.S. bombed the caves of Afghanistan with the biggest non-nuclear missile in the history of bombs. The arsenal rained down on April 13, 2017. In the midst of five retrogrades, including Mars, the planet that rules war, otherwise known as the “Red Planet.”  During retrograde, the usual astrological forces that bombard the earth from the solar stratosphere work against themselves, according to astrologers. History shows that you don’t want to mess with Mars. A lot of well-known wars that were started during retrograde were lost by the nations that fired the first shot. Interestingly enough, another player in the world stage, the USSR, is poised to lead the armies of the “Red Tide.”  As we explore the ramifications on the 13th of April, the questions begin with, “When will our luck run out?” 

Take the Russians in Afghanistan. The Soviet–Afghan…

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National Lampoon and Final Edition Radio Hour’s Tony Hendra Mocks the Merry Mayhem of Microaggressions

By Tony Sokol Chairman Mao once said “Not to have a correct political point of view is like having no soul” and Tony Hendra put his up for rent when he wrote Not The Bible with Sean Kelly, his longtime co-chief editor National Lampoon. Hendra was politically incorrect long before the term became a buzzword … Continue reading National Lampoon and Final Edition Radio Hour’s Tony Hendra Mocks the Merry Mayhem of Microaggressions

Marie Bargas Predicted Moonlight’s Best Picture Oscar

by Tony Sokol Bonny and Clyde’s Warren Beatty may not have been able to read it from the envelope, please, but Marie Bargas read it in the stars. The celebrity psychic predicted that Barry Jenkins’ intimate coming out while coming of age masterpiece Moonlight would win the best picture Oscar tonight. Everyone else was still … Continue reading Marie Bargas Predicted Moonlight’s Best Picture Oscar

All I Want for Christmas Is That People Stop Bashing John Lennon

Tony Sokol Live ... and undead

This story originally ran in Smashpipe on Dec. 24, 2015

By Tony Sokol

John Lennon has been dead for thirty five years, leave him alone. This is the first in a series of stories asking “when did the John Birch Society become mainstream?”

It’s the Christmas season and if you’re not feeling it yet, and you’re supposed to, maybe you’re just not listening to the right music. Christmas didn’t feel like Christmas to me when I was a kid, until I heard the Beatles Christmas messages that used to play on the radio, and were later collected onto Vinyl. You see. I was a Beatles baby, my first words were “yeah yeah yeah,” according to my mom and every year my parents bought me their albums or singles for Christmas. They bought it for themselves during the year.

Now, if you’re like me, which is unlikely in most cases, you…

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