Claudia Shante and Pianist Lily Release Healing Collaboration for the Senses

By Tony Sokol

We are separate and together, all as one and all alone. Extraterrestrials can mingle with human beings. Angels march with demons. Protesters and criminals run from police with equal fear and lack of protection. Pandemics and social crises wreak havoc on the balance of souls. “I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello,” Paul McCartney sang on a Beatles hit single. In a new poem and story, fragrance healing writer Claudia Shante (Jhih Sian Lin) reminds us.

Shante writes art healing script and produces and hosts the podcast C Star. She wrote the poem to accompany a musical composition written by pianist Lily as “music therapy.” They’ve co-created a meditation which acts as a spiritual spa and is completed by the healing fragrances Shante creates.


Claudia wrote the healing story to express the love for the world and humanity during the time of the pandemic and protest around the world. “Sometimes we meet people by coincidence, but the divine truth is ‘nothing happen for accident,'” she says. “When the soul meets each other and fell in love. They might have to say goodbye when there is a higher purpose for their spiritual growth. Though emotionally and physically they feel intense pain and attachment, it is for a better arrangement behind the scene. No matter what kind of feeling may arouse, it’s good to take the chance to practice altruistic love and be aware of the sign of spiritual awakening.


“We all had time to say goodbye to someone we love very much, lost the one in our life or we even had no opportunity to see them, nor say goodbye for the last moment. The poem is dedicated to people who are feeling depressed, frustrated, and defeated by something you feel you can’t take more of. I sincerely wish you the best and may get some healing and comforting hug, feel the heavenly angel around you when you read this poem. You could feel the warmth of the heart and feel the prayer heaven send to you. I love you. Thank you. I love you.”

The poem comes with music, and it is a meditation which clears and heals. The poem speaks of an abject sorrow, but is told in a loving voice. The music sounds classical, it inspires openness, acceptance and intelligence.


Lily composed the music with the vibe of healing to soothe and balance our brain wave. “The ancient beginnings of most spiritual and religious traditions on Earth start with some version of ‘In the beginning was the WORD,’ the sound, the vibration,” Lily’s teacher Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson writes. “From a biological standpoint, each of us has our first, ever experience in the womb as an experience of sound and vibration when the senses first come “online” at 16-24 weeks. Since we are in the dark and nose and mouth are filled with fluid, sound and vibration are our only sensory experiences in the womb. But the essence of the origin of all things Vibration, go far deeper.”

“The ancient beginnings of most spiritual and religious traditions on Earth start with some version of “In the beginning was the WORD”, the sound, the vibration.


LILY studied Taiwanese opera music including Peking Opera Chinese music culture and Western classical music composition, combined with multimedia creation experience designed by interactive music technology. Lily studies neuroacoustic theory, and uses sound frequency analysis to adjust brain wave and heart rhythm variation, and achieve a harmonious method of healing.


Everyone has their own frequency. “Finding your own frequency is like mastering the switch to restart the brain system and the change of physiological clock,” Lily says. “Observe how to change the process state through EEG and HRV. Gradually, subtly transforming consciousness and mental behavior, the resonance of brain waves mainly stimulates the balance of the left and right brains, which can achieve the release of emotions and the coordination of stress balance of body and mind.

Through the basic frequency series that belongs to your own physical harmony can Optimize the balance of DMN (default mode network) brain Healing solutions that use vocals and physiologically-based frequencies for neural remodeling training to unconsciously enhance cognitive behavior while listening to music.

“Do ever never say goodbye.”

Do ever never say goodbye
Life is short but also eternal
Love can last forever
I know you want to say goodbye, but please do me a favor.
“Do ever never say goodbye.
Instead, Smile.”

Smile, when you are going to leave
Smile, when you are going to walk away
Smile, when I will never see you again
Smile, when the tear is going to come up
Smile, when we still love each other
Smile, and let go
Let go, and let God

When there is no fear, you will see the light
When there is no frighten, you will see the perfection
We meet for a divine reason; there is a divine purpose within the arrangement
Trust your life, everything happens for a reason.

There is no coincidence, everything is meant to be happened
Goodbye my love! Goodbye my heavenly family. Goodbye my heavenly friend.

I love you. And I am very grateful to be allowed to meet you .I love you and I am happy to dedicate all that I have. I wish you the best. Bless the lord. Bless the life. Bless everything. Kiss the rain …
It’s neither fear nor loneliness!

It’s emptiness. It’s eternal love. It’s forgiveness. I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

Claudia hears the music and inspired by the healing tone and come up with the healing story with a touching sensation. “The Fragrance Artist Claudia from Taiwan has been working and offering counseling and workshop in New York for years. New York is where she experienced her fragrance journey and awakened her soul with the love for divine fragrance in her path of spiritual growth. When she watched the news about the pandemic and protest happened in the world she had the calling to do the artistic creation with the fragrance and poem composed with the healing music composed by her partner Lily, as soon as she hears the music the tears came out and she was inspired by the healing tone! come up with the healing story with a touching sensation“


The healing fragrance was developed with Dr. Lobsang DR of the Medical Healing Center. Claudia says the fragrance “Baby, I love you” was “named of our inner love for the true-self. We may sometimes forget where we are and who we are. We will recall the sweet time and happiness moment whenever we smell the loving fragrance of nature, flowers, forests, etc.


“It’s easy to come back to your authentic nature when you take a deep breath and sudden your mind will be calm,” Dr. Lobsong said. “It’s also very important to not to absorb chemical fragrance, it may toxic your blood, nervous system and make you go very anxious or insomnia with no reason. It’s good to walk in the nature or breath fresh air and remind yourself do one thing at a time and take things slowly, not to rush. Step by step! You will achieve what you want in the divine flow as long as you practice principle dawning-the universal law (step by step).”

“I remember the first time I experienced Claudia’s fragrance,” Tony Sokol recalled. “I had done a session with Shante where she guided me through a meditation while I was covered in white flower petals. I felt at one and as loved as I had ever felt. Years later, I met her in the lobby of the hotel where the New Life Expo was throwing their event, and she brought her fragrance. She sprayed it and I felt a calming sensation, all of my mind opened and allowed for comfort and spiritual calm. She told me it was a scent of love and I felt an overwhelming sense of love as well as a blanket of loving energy come into me. It was pure and stayed with me.”

You can enjoy the music here.

and read more of Claudia Shante’s work here.

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