Award Winning Martial Arts Filmmaker Jennifer Linch Talks Fight Choreography And More In EXCLUSIVE Interview

By Tony Sokol

SAN DIEGO, May 29, 2015 /Daily Offbeat/ — Independent filmmaker Jennifer N. Linch is a workaholic. She writes, shoots, acts and edits until the early hours of the morning. Linch is hard at work on the upcoming features “Flowers of The Night Volume 1” and “Pedals in The Wind.”

Linch’s first film, “The Dream,” won Best Newcomer at the World Film Awards earlier this year and she has been consistently releasing a stream of short martial arts comedies. Jennifer N Linch is the writer/producer/director of “Malevolence,” “The Dream,” “Forbidden Forest” and the “Flowers of The Night” featurette.

The short subjects gave birth to a new character that Linch plays in her upcoming serial feature “Flowers of The Night,” which is scheduled for release in summer 2016. Tim Neff play Mathew Thompson.

Jennifer and her team at Sunshine Pictures have been building a strong cult following on the indie film circuit. She already has a large fan base, network TV support and her films are distributed in Asia. Sunshine Pictures even makes clothes.

Along with her manager, Morgan Macedo, and the producer John Paul Ouvrier, distribution Sunshine Pictures created fan apparel for all of characters from Flowers of The Night: Lily, Nightshade and Azalea.

She will follow this with the action-packed martial arts films “Pedals in The Wind,” which should drop in the summer of 2017, “Take Down The Dragon” which is scheduled for summer 2018.

Linch is the world’s hottest martial arts female director. She also performs her own stunts.

Daily Offbeat: When and where did the film open?

Linch: “Flowers of The Night” is the featurette version of “Flowers of The Night Volume 1” feature film which will come out in summer 2016. “Pedals in the Wind” comes out in the summer 2017. The featurette version will be shown in June in Horton Grand Theater, San Diego and ATL Network in Atlanta in July. It is also in the final ground of Neo Noir Film festival in Beverly Hills, California.

How does this fit into your larger artistic vision?

“Flowers of The Night” and “Pedals in the Wind” are completely out of my comfort zone. The scripts bought tears to me every time I worked on it. They are extremely bloody and violent action dramas but you will also experience the heart and soul of each character and follow their journey to the end. You will watch the original concept and new fight scenes that you have never seen on screen before.

Will we be seeing more of this character?

Yes. You will follow the Lily character from her childhood to her journey of becoming the “Flower of The Night.” A beautiful terrifying monster.
Tell me about your stunts.

I did all of my stunts in all of my movie. It is the core of a Jennifer Linch Film. All actors have to be able to do their own stunts. There will be pain and there will be blood on A Jennifer Linch Film set. It is just how much pain and how much blood? Can you cover it up and keep shooting ?

How long did you rehearse the fight choreography?

I trained with my Muay Thai teacher for two months and with Tim Neff for two days to make the fight scene prior to the shoot. For my actresses, I trained both of them for three weeks before we shot the movie. I am actually so proud that I constructed all the kills at the mansion. Every time my two “Flowers” kill the bodyguard, I hear myself whispering “yessss.” [LAUGHS]

Do you cut frames during the fight scene or speed the film at all?

Michael Foster, my award winning editor, only used different angles for the fight scene. There were no speeding up of the footage.

Linch believes in getting the films done. Even if they have to do it themselves.

“To any aspiring filmmakers out there: You will never have the equipment you want or need. You will never have enough money to make your independent films,” she said.

“But you always have your whole heart and complete essence to pour into your projects. Pick up that cell phone and shoot it with your phone, learn to edit your movie on a free downloadable editing program on Google. Beg and beg everyone you know for the locations you need. Get your heart broken, your body exhausted. Then you will become the professional film maker you are meant to be.”

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This article first appeared in Daily Offbeat in 2015

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