Former Coco Avenue Singer Jenny Lyric Covers Young Turks’ ‘Closer’ for Legendary Kpop Producer Shin Insoo

By Tony Sokol

Jenny Lyric can read your mind. But don’t waste your time reading between the lines, step outside them and come a little closer.

Shin Insoo’s global project album Replay found its “Closer.” The legendary Korean producer put his fingers on the dials while Jenny Lyric, current member of the girl group Nuna and former member of Coco Avenue, put her flavor on the Young Turks hit. Insoo coproduced the song along with AJK, who produced Coco Avenue’s Eottae, and Joseph K. Insoo, who recorded Kpop stars 4minute, Lee hyori, Davicii, Lee hyori, Shinhwa, Kim bum soo, Baek Ji Young, and Uhm Jung Hwa.

“Closer” is the second release from Insoo’s Replay. The INS Entertainment production aims to spread K-Pop to a broader audience around the globe by pairing an international artist with a classic K-Pop cover. Darly Ong recorded her rendition of MC the Max’s song “Stop my Heart” (가슴아 그만해). Next up? An as-yet-unnamed cover by The Voice Korea winner Son Seung Yeon.

Vocalist Jenny Lyric was a founding member of the now disbanded girl group Coco Avenue. Dubbed the “first African American K-Pop group,” they won countless contests, including the Kpop World Festival LA, and were featured on NPR radio, BBC, and USA Today. Jenny is currently writing for a number of musical outlets and is finishing up her long-awaited solo EP.

“Closer” is out on all Korean Music outlets (Mnet, Melon, etc) as well as all streaming sites. The song is being distributed through Warner Korea.

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