Zeena Brings the Heat with Tantric Sethian Summer Solstice Ritual in Italy

By Tony Sokol

Summer just got a little hotter in Europe and it has nothing to do with Trump pulling out of the France global warming accord. Noted spiritualist Zeena announced that she will conduct a rare “Tantric Sethian Summer Solstice Ritual and Blessing by the Sea” in Italy.

The Mediterranean mystical event will be exclusive. It is limited to the first twelve people who sign up for it.

“In accordance with the yogic lineage of the Tibetan Buddhist sage Milarepa, from which Zeena is initiated, the theme of the teaching is based on the guru’s intuitive understanding of what the participants need at the time of the teaching. Therefore, the theme of the teaching cannot yet be announced,” reads the official announcement on Zeena’s web site.


The teaching will include instructions of yogic practice. Participants will also be guided through the practice. The ritual and blessing will be followed by a question and answer session.

Zeena will also have private meetings with participants to answer “spiritual or initiatory questions of a personal nature.”

Zeena is a Berlin-based tantric Buddhist teacher in the Nyingma, Drikung Kagyu, Karma Kagyu lineages (also known as the “Oral Lineage” or Whispered Transmission traditions). She is also a interdisciplinary artist, musician, author, and animal rights activist. Her artwork stems from her mystical experience. Zeena has practiced and taught magic and meditation for over 30 years. She can be contacted on her blog, on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.


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