Study Finds Buddhist Compassion Is Contagious, Zeena Schreck Explains Why [EXCLUSIVE]

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By Tony Sokol

Zeena translates a study on the language of Buddhists.

(Photo :

BERLIN, April 13, 2015 /Daily Offbeat/ — A recent study found that people being exposed to Buddhist concepts can make them more socially accepting of outside behavior and undermine prejudice.

The study, “Buddhist Concepts as Implicitly Reducing Prejudice and Increasing Prosociality” was led by Stanford University researchers from Belgium and Taiwan. It was published in the April issue of the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. The study supplements research about a phenomenon called priming, which theorizes that merely being exposed to certain words or concepts changes the way people think or behave.

The researchers conducted three separate experiments of 355 individuals. They found that being exposed to words related to Buddhism could “automatically activate prosociality and tolerance, in particular among people with socio-cognitive open-mindedness.”

Zeena Schreck is an artist, musician, author, animal rights activist…

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